EBOOK Backlash

  • Hardcover
  • 378
  • Backlash
  • Brad Thor
  • English
  • 10 November 2020
  • 9781982104030

Brad Thor ↠ 9 SUMMARY

CHARACTERS Backlash Brad Thor ↠ 9 SUMMARY SUMMARY Backlash 109 Have been known throughout history by different names Spartan Viking SamuraiToday men like these still strike from the shadows They are highly prized intelligence agents military operatives and assassinsOne man is all threeTwo days ago that man was crossed badlyNow far from home and surrounded by his enemy Scot Harvath must battle his way ou. 55 STARSWOWZA That was an amazing book I wasn t sure Brad Thor could top himself after Spymaster and that cliff hanger ending but he did with a vengeance It s really hard to talk about this book without giving anything away It s definitely different from other books in the series I will just say that this is Brad s Exceeds Expectations performance review those who have seen him in person know what I m talking about If you haven t read Spymaster read that first and have this one waiting to start immediately You will not be disappointed

CHARACTERS BacklashBacklash

CHARACTERS Backlash Brad Thor ↠ 9 SUMMARY SUMMARY Backlash 109 TWith no support no cavalry coming and no one even aware of where he is it will take everything he has ever learned to surviveBut survival isn’t enough Harvath wants revengeIn the most explosive novel Brad Thor has ever written page after captivating page of action intrigue loyalty and betrayal will keep you hooked until the very last senten. After a major traumatic event Scot finds himself in the Arctic Circle with Russian mercenaries after him Initially they want him alive for all of the information he can provide but when US pressure led by a rescue specialist and the Troll Nicholas is ramped up the mercenaries mission parameters are dead or alive Scot s training as a Navy SEAL kicks in especially his SERE skills Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape Not only does he need to stay one step ahead of two legged soldiers but there are four legged predators after him as well After yet another near brush with death he stumbles first into a cabin belonging to a Sami woodmantrapper who is beyond help and eventually into his daughter s medical clinic in a Sami village Great action and Scot is driven by rage to take vengeance on the perps responsible for the trauma Frankly the vengeance was too rushed and would have made a great seuel 45 stars

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CHARACTERS Backlash Brad Thor ↠ 9 SUMMARY SUMMARY Backlash 109 In ancient texts there are stories about men who struck from the shadows seemingly beyond the reach of death itself These men were considered part angel part demon Their loyalty was to their families their friends and their kings You crossed these men at your peril And once crossed there was no crossing backThey were fearless; men of honor who. Based on others reviews many will be surprised by this rating My rationale is I don t care for slaughter of innocents nor inflated ratings I despise the loss of meaningful and impactful characters I like vengeance but in this disappointing effort the price is too steep 4 of 10 stars