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To Be Taught If Fortunate Download ¹ 104 review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Becky Chambers Becky Chambers Ó 4 Download Rience is one of fluid body and stable mind and of a uniue perspective on the passage of time Back on Earth society changes dramatically from decade to decade as it always doesAriadne may awaken to find that support for space exploration back home has waned or that her country of birth no longer exists or that a cult has arisen around their cosmic findings only to dissolve once by the n. We have found nothing you can sell We have found nothing you can put to practical use We have found no worlds that could be easily or ethically settled were that end desired We have satisfied nothing but curiosity gained nothing but knowledge You have to possess a specific mindset to like this novella You need to be that person who in the middle of an adventure story featuring a group of explorers would pause and think wouldn t it be nice that if instead of battles chases intrigue tension plot we just got a few hours of watching the explorers scientists astronauts just go about and do their day to day work engage in whatever activities their mission was supposed to be about instead of being distracted by an adventure You need to be that person who can read a textbook before the course begins just because it s fun learning new things Well I am that person ergo I loved this book I remember reading and watching The Martian and feeling vaguely annoyed that we did not get just a few extra minuteschapters for seeing what the astronauts would be like just doing their normally scheduled mission instead of getting out of there and leaving Mark Watney to grow potatoes in all the loneliness Every geography and biology textbook in my school life ever I was am a proud nerd To Be Taught If Fortunate is that kind of story It s not about adventures or plot It is basically like reading field notes of a research team It is full of contemplative musings on the humans role in space in studying extraterrestrial life and the moral obligations and ethical implications that arise while showing us the everyday life of a future crew of four scientists sent on a purely observational ecological mission to four extraterrestrial planets where they for a few years at a time study and not interfere with the local lifeforms It s observing cataloguing marveling and finding fulfillment and happiness in the observer role while at the same time building close ties with the few people around you Discoveries are made unsettling news encountered a few challenges threaten to fray mind and sanity Some planets are a fascinating paradise others a damp screeching hell And then it is time to pack up and move on What is this Hugo nominated novella about Well to me it all boiled down to a few ethical uestions and themesFirst it s the importance of humility for humans the avoidance of acting as a dominant superior conuering species and instead focusing on respect and learning and observing for no other reason than knowledge Not for terraforming not for profit not for entertainment but for science This is what s owed to those who sent you on the mission as this space mission is the result of the crowdfunding effort independent of governments and countries I m an observer not a conueror I have no interest in changing other worlds to suit me I choose the lighter touch changing myself to suit them Second it s the relationships and formation of bonds between the crewmates the four people who are isolated from the rest of humanity for decades Ariadne Elena Chikondi and Jack form their own family that transcends norms and conventions and definitions where connections are important whether they are emotional or sexual or both Becky Chambers excels at writing about human connections and adopted chosen families and this ability shines here as well Because sometimes we go and we try and we suffer and despite it all we learn nothing Sometimes we are left with uestions than when we started Sometimes we do harm despite our best efforts We are human We are fragile Third it s the disconnection from the rest of humanity While you and your crewmates are light years away from everyone else while any news that reach you are decades out of date while everyone you knew and loved will die as you are in space while nothing that really matters to you due to the gap of time and distance is going on on the far away Earth do you strive to remain a part of humanity do you continue to care or do you focus on yourself and your new worlds leaving the troubles of the old Earth behind Do you still owe anything to the old planet Do you still need their guidance What we want you to ask yourselves is this what is space to you Is it a playground A uarry A flagpole A classroom A temple Who do you believe should go and for what purpose Or should we go at all Is the realm above the clouds immaterial to you so long as satellites send messages and rocks don t fall Is human spaceflight a fool s errand a rich man s fantasy an unacceptable waste of life and metal Are our methods grotesue to you our ethics untenable Are our hopes outdated When I tell you of our life out here do you cheer for us or do you scoff It s a uiet story slow and measured and very unhurried Told in a voice of one of the crew members Ariadne it is full of wonder at the things that she and her crewmates are incredibly lucky and grateful to see It is uietly emotional and wondrous and touching and yet subdued Reading it to me was akin to actually inhabiting Ariadne s world of travel and discovery and wonder and at time frustration and depression and despair It was really like experiencing a slice of life on the Lawki mission the good and bad the wondrous and the heartbreaking the exciting and the mundaneI enjoyed this calm and uiet field notes or rather a letter in the firm of field notes specifically for how contemplative it was Because ultimately it s hopeful and chooses to see the best in us and believes in our ability not only to choose the right thing but to want to choose it Collaboration knowledge responsibility and kindness these can be our beacons and I love it for making me believe in that Even if to be honest with you I don t agree with the ending but that just likely says something unflattering about me Where we go from there is up to you 45 stars My Hugo and Nebula Awards Reading Project 2020

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To Be Taught If Fortunate Download ¹ 104 review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Becky Chambers Becky Chambers Ó 4 Download Ext waking But the moods of Earth have little bearing on their mission to explore to study and to send their learnings home Carrying all the trademarks of her other beloved works including brilliant writing fantastic world building and exceptional diverse characters Becky's first audiobook outside of the Wayfarers series is sure to capture the imagination of listeners all over the world. Becky Chambers is a freaking genius If you have any interest in speculative fiction about where we as a species could be headed then you really need to pick up any of her books To Be Taught If Fortunate is a short novella about longterm space mission to study four planets light years away from Earth There are four members of the crew of the OCA spacecraft Merian Ariadne O Neill Elena uesada Cruz Jack Vo and Chikondi Daka But instead of getting caught up in stereotypical space opera style events this book takes the form of a message sent back to Earth from the viewpoint of Ariadne who is the flight engineer onboard And in this message are the details of their exploratory and investigatory mission so far But also it reveals so much about what it means to be human It poses probing uestions asking about the importance of scientific research and whether a mission seeking knowledge is truly relevant to us as a species Ariadne s message is split into four parts as the crew of the Merian visit four different planets Aecor Mirabilis Opera and Votum And on each planet we are treated to both easy to understand and incredibly fascinating speculative science as the crew engage in their information gathering and laboratory research But we also get to delve into the psyches of these four people and how the mission affects each of them in different ways This book is truly brilliant Everything feels so authentic that I almost believed that I was reading a real space report But it s the humanity of the piece that really captured me So much so that I found myself crying at the end of the book because there was just so much heart and feeling in it It s a book about what it truly means to be a human and as a trained research scientist myself I was both deeply moved by and really emotionally connected with the hunger and thirst for knowledge that was illustrated in the book Highly recommendedfive stars As the Secretary General of the United Nations an organisation of one hundred and forty seven member states who represent almost all of the human inhabitants of the planet Earth I send greetings on behalf of the people of our planet We step out of our solar system into the universe seeking only peace and friendship to teach if we are called upon to be taught if we are fortunate We know full well that our planet and its inhabitants are but a small part of this immense universe that surrounds us and it is with humility and hope that we take this step Former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim1977as recorded on the Voyager Golden Record For reviews and book related chat check out my blog

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To Be Taught If Fortunate Download ¹ 104 review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Becky Chambers Becky Chambers Ó 4 Download In her new novella Sunday Times best selling author Becky Chambers imagines a future in which instead of terraforming planets to sustain human life explorers of the solar system instead transform themselves Ariadne is one such explorer As an astronaut on an extrasolar research vessel she and her fellow crewmates sleep between worlds and wake up each time with different features Her expe. One of my newest favorite booksBecky Chambers has a way with words that makes every book she writes feel like home I was sucked into this story from the first sentence If you read nothing else we ve sent home please at least read this Eum yesI ve never read such a wholesome character driven sci fi and I can t recommend this enoughA must read