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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 338
  • Just One Sip
  • Katie MacAlister
  • English
  • 12 May 2020
  • 9780505526595

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Just One Sip Read º 104 Re who finds the woman of his dreams in Vegas this hilarious collection of paranormal romances celebrates the lives and loves of the immorta. I love Katie MacAlister and her humour Reading her books I feel like I m watching the Gil girls with the wit and effortless conversation of the characters I enjoyed the other sorry stories in this collection as well and will checkout Jennifer Ashley in the future

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Just One Sip Read º 104 From a Moravian Dark One who must take on zombies and an angst ridden teenage vampire to win the love of his soul mate to a sunbathing vampi. Story 1 Viva Las Vampires by Jennifer AshleyMerideth Black heads to Las Vegas to research her next book on Vampires and stays at Transylvania Castle Hotel a hotel themed around Vampires and things that go bump or is it Boom Boom Boom in the night She is hoping to get an interview with the elusive hotel owner Stefan Erickson for her book a reuest that has been denied about 20 times before she came to the hotel Lucky for her Stefan spots her on a security camera when she walks in and is immediately intrigued with her He calls the desk clerk and Merideth soon finds herself on her way to the penthouse to meet the mysterious owner This was a really fun story and I wanted when it was done It was by far the best story in the book for me and I will be looking up Jennifer Ashley books now that I know about herStory 2 Bring Out Your Dead by Katie MacAlisterYsabelle is a councelor for The Society for the Protection of Reverants Zombie s and part time tutor Sebastian is a Dark One vampire with a grudge on his shoulder While running to a tutoring job and being chased by a heard of imps Ysabelle runs smack into Sabastian and ends up laying on top of him in the middle of an alley in a nice steamy but accidental lip lock I picked up this book because of Katie MacAlister s name on it and because it was the 5th book in the Dark One Series Sadly the story fell way short of my expectations I thought the story felt chaotic and rushed and that choice bits were excluded I also DETESTED the character Sally She spent the whole story talking in a poor mix of French and English Argh Awful She was the Jar Jar Binks of the storyStory 3 Lucy and the Crypt Casanova by Minda WebberLucy Campbell is a talk show host who transplanted from Texas to New Orleans to interview Zombies Trolls and Warlocks on her TV Show She isn t exactly taken seriously but decides that is all going to change when she hears about a mysterious incident from one of her guests and decides that blowing the story wide open would really up her career prospects Unlucky for Lucy but lucky for us readers Lucy keeps running into her ex love Valmont DuPonte who just happens to be a detective and none too happy for Lucy to be digging into things she has no business digging into The pacing of this story was a bit frantic I felt like the author was trying too hard with the puns and alliteration and the main character was pretty immature and sort of dense but something about the story worked Definetly a page turner despite the issues i had with it

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Just One Sip Read º 104 L undeadContains Viva Las Vampires by Jennifer Ashley Bring Out Your Dead by Katie MacAlister and Lucy and the Crypt Casanova by Minda Webbe. The reviews on this book aren t very good but I went out and got the book anyway because I am reading the Dark Ones Series by Katie MacAlister and this is 45 in the series I was hoping people were just being hard on the book but sadly they were notThis book contains three novellas I am not a fan of books like this as I find the stories tend to be detailed up until the most important part the ending Then they ALWAYS seem to feel rushed This still stood true for this book of novellas The best story for me is the one by Katie MacAlister which is the second story I enjoyed that is gave insight into another Dark One from the series The ending felt rushed and there is a character who speaks a lot of french which is really annoying to read when you don t speak French I doubt it was of any importance although I guess I wouldn t know since I can t read French but all the same it was obnoxious to readThe short of the first story by Jennifer Ashley is a woman who meets a vampire in Vegas The story was interesting enough although the least interesting of the three I didn t care for the writing at all I found it to be really juvenile especially the love scenesThe third story by Minda Webber was about a woman who is a talk show host of the paranormal which is now out in the open She has an ex lover who is a vampire and detective and they collide trying to find a paranormal killer I enjoyed this storyline and is written better than the first story Lucy is the main character and I found her a bit obnoxious particularly towards the end of the story I didn t enjoy the writing of the one love scene thoughHonestly I wouldn t recommend this book I get the impression most people reading it are reading it because they are reading the Dark Ones Series or because they enjoy Katie MacAlister books If its the latter skip it If it s the former I wouldn t say its paramount but you get a little look into Sebastien I don t know if his storyline comes up again in the series I am still reading the series