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  • The Twenty One Balloons
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  • 22 December 2018
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William Pène du Bois â 4 characters Read & Download The Twenty One Balloons Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Air balloon the likes of which no one has ever seen But when he is found after just three weeks floating in the Atlantic among the wreckage. Charming I ve seen this book around my whole life because well it s an old Newbery winner It never looked that interesting to me just something I thought I might get around to eventually in my uest to read all the Newberies A couple of months back I found a like new copy at the library sale for a uarter so I thought Hey why notRead it aloud to my kids and we all thoroughly enjoyed it The illustrations were perfect since he goes into a lot of technical details about hot air balloons and various contraptions and the detailed pictures and diagrams helped a great deal The story was fun and different and very appealing Hot air balloons Volcanoes Diamond mines Government by restaurant Old fashioned without being horribly outdated basically

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The Twenty One Balloons

William Pène du Bois â 4 characters Read & Download The Twenty One Balloons Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Of twenty hot air balloons naturally the world is eager to know what happened How did he end up with so many balloons and in the wrong ocean. Just a guess on the time I read it It was definitely 5th grade It was definitely the most memorable book I read during adolescence I credit this book as the first book I really truly loved The first book gradually followed by many others that made me realize reading could be fun Sometimes it almost feels like it was the first book I completed the first book I held in my memory but as I go back I realize that isn t true There were plenty books before I m sure mainly of the Beverly Cleary type Romona Beezus stories which I know I was amused by but I wasn t DRAWN to them Before the 21 Balloons and the Tripods Trilogy after that I would almost rather be doing anything else besides reading Reading was boring reading was a chore Reading was what you did when you couldn t come up with anything else to do All that started to change in 6th grade when I had to read The White Mountains for class And The 21 Balloons was the hint before that that my feelings about reading would change This is a most delightful story about Professor William Waterman Sherman for a brief time W W Sherman was my alter ego when I began to write myself and his adventures on the island and community of Krakatoa which he discovers after his own hot air balloon crash lands there On Krakatoa there is a small utopia like society of families named by letters of the alphabet who surround themselves in all manner of nifty inventions They live a peaceful idyllic life made possible by the secret of the diamond mines of Krakatoa But alas Krakatoa houses a dormant volcano and you can probably guess that the volcano does not play nice for the entire story This book sits atop the pyramid of all my other favorite books And William Pene Dubois was the recipient of my first and not my last fan letter I adore this book

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William Pène du Bois â 4 characters Read & Download The Twenty One Balloons Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Professor William Waterman Sherman just wants to be alone So he decides to take a year off and spend it crossing the Pacific Ocean in a hot. My guess is I was ten years old the first time I read this book and I absolutely loved it Fast forward to today and the book still worked for me It s an adventure story can a retired old schoolteacher travel around the world in 40 days on a balloon and survive a huge volcanic eruption a treasure story think bucketfuls of gigantic diamonds and a story of science exploring the Victorian obsession with ballooning as well as other inventions such as electric wiring in both realistic and fantastical ways This is a uick read as it s targeted towards childrenyoung adults Written today it would likely be categorized as middle grade The book uses a frame story it s a story told to an audience who also becomes a character and as such it manages to break the show don t tell rule largely successfully The first uarter of the book dragged a bit for me I kept thinking get to the story already but I think this was mostly because I listened to it as a book on CD