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Free download å Forever and A Day ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Eelings but the time for denying their love is overAs the world watches their lives never stop growing The only thing that's for certain is that through ever. When I heard there was a follow up to Those Who Wait my first thought was Oh no I didn t want anything to ruin the beautiful love story of Charlotte and Sutton I shouldn t have worried This was the perfect tribute to those two ladies I grew to love This is not a full length novel It is on the short side Especially in comparison to book 1 It felt like a series of epilogues to me We get to see how things work out for them throughout incremental stages in their lives What was so great about this was that it wasn t just a bunch of happy and sappy True to the original these two had some conflict they needed to overcome So all of the big feels that I felt reading the first book continued to be there for this one If you haven t read Those who Wait then please correct that right away Then read this because it eually good and we get of this adorable couple

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Free download å Forever and A Day ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Y hurdle that comes their way they'll face it togetherA collection of snapshots of a life lived and loved A follow up to the bestselling novel Those Who Wait. Good Lord Haley Cass I don t know how you managed to do it THIS is how you do a follow up story I m too dumbstruck to express how good this is but allow me to tryWhether one writes poeticallyelouentlyetc there will always be a multitude of other ualifications to be counted as a good writer As romances go you can use flowery words as much as you want but can still fall short if your writing doesn t evoke strong sensations from your readers As a hopeful or hopeless I m still unsure lol romantic I will always be in awe of authors who can write emotions and feelings exceedingly well With her second book Cass has proven that she is one such author and that the success of her debut novel wasn t a flukeI can only count one other time I d loved reading follow up short stories akin to those in this book and that is with the seuels in Truth and Measure verse series If you know how that fanfic fared with DWPMirandy fans you know this is a high praiseThis collection of snapshots of Charlotte and Sutton s life together following Those Who Wait brings our MCs story to an extended conclusion filled with entertaining heart tugging and titillating moments Forever and a Day will have you grinning from ear to ear closing this story with a full heartHad some slip ups but ignorableFirst book I ve added to my favorites this year

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Free download å Forever and A Day ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Good things come to those who wait and now Sutton Spencer and Charlotte Thompson get to reap the benefits They spent months circling around admitting their f. I realized reading this followup to Those Who Wait that I m not a big fan of epilogues and this story read like an extended epilogue In Forever and A Day we get to see moments in the lives of Charlotte and Sutton over the next few decades of their lives together I was wrapped up in their romance in the first book but didn t get the same simmering passion in these snippets in time No surprises in the trajectory of their careers and love for each other Nice enough but anticlimactic in comparison to Those Who Wait