Kian's Focus (E–pub/E–book) Ó Misty Walker

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  • Kian's Focus
  • Misty Walker
  • English
  • 10 March 2018
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FREE READ ✓ SALAMUSEO.CO ☆ Misty Walker FREE DOWNLOAD À Kian's Focus Misty Walker ☆ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD O suffer the future fate had secured me toBut Kian’s focus is on meAnd he’s used to getting what he wantsBrigs Ferry Bay is a steamy MM romance series While each book can be read as a standalone to get the full experience they’re best read in order Enemies to lovers hurt comfort age gap romance and so much Fall in love with the charming small town gay romances of Brigs Ferry BayKian's Focus is an emotional mm romance It deals in sensitive topics such as suicide but it ends happi. Jesus Christ this book Ok So I m raw I just finished and I m a mess and I m happy and I m filled with so much love for Archer I think he is one of my most favorite characters ever I love how flawed Kian and Archer are and how they grow together Kian especially I wanted to shake him sometimes lol but then he grows so much and it s so beautiful to watch I love when an author can make you so angry and so sad and so happy at the same time This book takes you on such a journey vivid from page one Misty Walker s writing chops show immensely in this book Smart Poignant Heart wrenchingly perfect Kian s Focus is a 10 star read

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Kian's Focus

FREE READ ✓ SALAMUSEO.CO ☆ Misty Walker FREE DOWNLOAD À Kian's Focus Misty Walker ☆ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD Ut ofTogether we were drowningUntil I met KianHe’s everything I’m notBouncy bubbly full of life and an innate ability to make everything betterHe makes me believe I can be happy againNow the unthinkable has happened and Sara is on the verge of losing her lifeOnce again it’s all my faultKian had clouded my vision with promises of hope and foreverI was so stupid to believe I could be happy againI try push him awayTo shove him out of the darkness that follows meI don’t want him t. I m back in Brigs Ferry Bay and Misty Walker s story has solidified that this is where I shall stay for the rest of my daysKian s Focus is the second instalment in the Brigs Ferry Bay series and it is the perfect follow up to book one Not shying away from loss and heartache Walker s characters go on a perfectly imperfect journey of heartbreak and healing Opposite s in every way Kian and Archer s connection is unexpected yet unmistakeable Packed with heat and and heart and layered with a multitude of emotions their happy ever after is hard fought and well deserved Kian s Focus is another grand slam in this series and I can t wait to see what s next from Misty


FREE READ ✓ SALAMUSEO.CO ☆ Misty Walker FREE DOWNLOAD À Kian's Focus Misty Walker ☆ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD I lost my boyfriend on the night I had planned to proposeIt was a horrific accident that was all my faultI gave up and resigned myself into a life of obscurityUntil I got a call that my sister Sara needed meIt gave me purpose and I ran to her rescueBecause that’s what I’ve done our whole livesThat’s how I ended up in Brigs Ferry BayBut when I showed up things were so much worse than I thoughtShe was sullen fragile and sinking into a depression I didn’t know how I’d get her o. 3 Scotch and Cocktail Stars A grumpy fisherman walks into a gay bar Okay so that s not exactly the story but it was kinda weird and NR Especially when teamed up with the flamboyant bar owner who wants to lick him all over I just couldn t get on board with the dynamics Archer has moved back to Brigs Ferry Bay to help his sister and her kids Although a favour to her it ends up being a healing process for the pair of them Returning from Alaska not only has he left his old life behind but also a lover he tragically lostKian is out and proud and one of the colourful locals of BFB Although unlucky in love he is blessed with great friends and a thriving business And of course he s not immune to the new bear of a man that has come to town and rejuvenated the gossip millIn a place where everyone knows everyone it isn t long before Archer and Kian cross paths leading them to form a tentative friendship with benefits A mutually beneficial arrangement between the playboy and the man still in mourningOne kiss might not hurtIt would if it meant we couldn t be friends His large hand wraps around my calf that s now folded in front of me I can still be your friend And it might just hold me off until maybe someday you re ready I sound desperate Maybe I am What if I m never readyThen a kiss is all we ll have That s a sad thoughtThe gist of the story I enjoyed A small town age gap romance that I thought I d love Especially because I adored the first book in the series The Sheriff s Secret where we first met Kian Truthfully I liked Archer and Kian individually but just not as a couple I felt uncomfortable watching them awkwardly interact Kian was just too ostentatious that I found it off putting