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Love Among the Ruins Summary Ñ 109 Young and unattached are Charles Belton newly hired school master at the Priory School and his elder brother Captain Freddy Belton of the Roya. Opened the book and someone had scribbled on the title page NO PLOT TOO MANY CHARACTERS I laughed and told John about it He asked me if I were still going to read it and I said of course this guy obviously didn t know a good book when he read one he probably didn t appreciate character development nor relationship building nor the structure of a good sentence I figured I would like itHer writing is ticklish She hits me like Wodehouse doesI haven t read the previous books so I didn t know anyone Perhaps that scribbling was right I skimmed and tracked the stories of the two romances ha All other names I just zoomed right over I like her writing made me laugh out loud I m going to have to BUY the first book Favorite bits1 For though Mr Needham was as modest and earnest and hard working a Christian pastor as anyone would wish to see it could not be denied and he even admitted it at times to himself that he had one besetting sin And that sin as he had recognized when doing spiritual gymnastics in his own mind every day for ten minutes before the breakfast bell rang was spiritual pride in having left one arm upon the shores of North Africa Indeed such was his simple modesty that in a way he valued his useless stump than his good right arm because the left arm had as it were laid down its life in the service of its country2 Richard Tebben though graceless in many ways was well set up and not ill looking and enjoyed looking down at most of the women he met But Miss Krogsbrog as we have already observed was cast in a heroic mold and if she had suddenly grown a helmet and a kind of tin brassiere and outsung a full sized orchestra no one would have been surprised so that when she appeared beside Richard any woman present was apt to think that at the wedding it would be advisable for the bride to wear flat shoes and the bridegroom the cothurnus neatly disguised or even a small pair of stilts3 Come on Petrea At these words words which were so like Richard that none of his friends would have paid much attention to them Miss Krogsbrog got up and stood towering over the company apparently ready to let loose the Valkyrie s war cry But instead of Heia ho which Richard would have infinitely preferred she said in a commanding voice Richard Not

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Love Among the Ruins Summary Ñ 109 L Navy; Susan Dean the Red Cross Depot Librarian and her sister Jessica an actress in thrall to the theatre; Lucy Marling and her brother Oliv. Well I think I picked the wrong book to begin with Angela Thirkell It was hard to keep all the character s straight especially since there are so many and some show up only for a page or two never to return I didn t realize that this was part of a series and this book is preceded by 16 others I just liked the title The Ruins surely references the political and economic situation faced by Britain after WWII Thirkell often uses the term the outbreak of peace to characterize what she saw as the failings of the Labor government and the slow decline of the upper and middle classes post war I was reminded of the Ayres family in Sarah Waters The Little StrangerIt s not a doom and gloom story however it is acerbic complaint about how things were better when people knew their place you have to ask yourself better for whom and there is a love story as well Interestingly Thrikell s books take place in the same universe created by Anthony Trollope in this Barchester Chronicles many of her characters are decedents of those created by Trollope I think I will finish up Trollope s series first and then start over with Thirkell at the beginning

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Love Among the Ruins Summary Ñ 109 A cast of characters uickly gathers around the Winters including many faces familiar from Thirkell's earlier Barsetshire chronicles Among the. The war has been unmercifully over for a few years now and while sun is beginning to shine the inhabitants of Barsetshire can not be so cheery as long as THEY the government keep beating them down They ve taken away food and will probably soon do away with petrol The village and estate workers need to be paid for less work and who can afford that these days with taxes and everything Only Sam Adams and his works seem to have any money and Clarissa Graham is determined to find a way in Charles Belton takes a job at the Priory School run by Philip and Leslie Winter while his mother frets that he is still unmarried Mrs Belton worries about her elder son Freddy and his long buried secret Will he ever unlock his heart enough to marry Also unmarried are Colin Keith Oliver Marling and his sister Lucy Emmy and Clarissa Graham and the Dean girls Susan the Red Cross Depot Librarian is content in her carry but is also burdened with the care of her family Little Jessica is still a smash on the London stage and in absolutely no hurry to marry any man The Conservatives are trying to rally and the pig breeders are planning a judged show but with estates being reuisitioned sold turned into council houses or schools where to meet Lucy Marling feels the heavy weight of her family heritage weighing heavily on her shoulders She alone loves the land than anything but when her father dies what s left will pass to her elder brother who doesn t have any interest in the land The Leslies are worried about Lady Emily but wonderfully not Rushwater which is in capable handsThis book is not one of Thirkell s best There s way too much going on and it s all disjointed Almost every single character from the previous books appears here If you want to know what happens to everyone slog through this book without a plot There is a slight romantic plot but not much of one I found myself skimming a lot of the parts where Thirkell and her characters go into too much detail especially about pigs and farming I wanted to feel sorry for the characters for losing their way of life and their patrimony yet it s hard to be sympathetic when most people never had that in the first place The Belton sons are the only ones with any sense They at least have jobs that can earn them some money They would find my sympathies lying with the Labour government and label me Communist but my life as a modern American is so far removed from the 19th century Barsetshire world the older characters grew up in I didn t care much for Charles Belton I did admire him for getting a job and liking it well enough He s still a bit immature and rude He shows his mother and motherly figures his softer side but his comments about Heather are uncalled for an inappropriate for a man his age I didn t care for his infatuation with Agnes Freddy is a much better man He s kind and sympathetic practical and wise to the way of the world but still masculine Unlike Denis Stonor who is portrayed as somewhat effeminate and Richard Tebben who is a colossal jerk Freddy is a realistic man I wanted his heart to heal and find an intelligent woman to marry if he HAS to marry someone Mrs Belton has softened a bit She s a littles less snobby and though they all say she has helped Heather I think Mrs Belton has benefitted from knowing Heather and her Dad as well Mr Belton is rather anonymous Mr Marling Mr Tebben Mr Middleton are all rather confused in my mind None of them have likable personalities Mr Tebben and Mr Middleton are pompous bores I felt sorry for Mrs Middleton and her long cherished dream She s a sympathetic character I also felt bad for Mrs Tebben Thirkell seems to be making fun of over educated women here The joke is Mrs Tebben is nearly as pompous as her husband and can t cook well presumably because she s too busy writing to learn how I found her likable enough but both the Tebbens are too soft on Richard Richard is horrid I loved his relationship plot Oliver Marling has softened some and become a little nicer He cares deeply about the estate but his hands are tied being the younger son He loves his sister Lucy and they have a special bond with each other and the land Oliver is comfortable in London while Lucy is portrayed as mannish She is really high strung stretched to the breaking point in this book and talks too much about fertilizer OF COURSE she s still unmarried because in Thirkell s society men don t appreciate capable intelligent women Emmy Graham is also masculine but she s a little lighter because her family has the money to allow her to mess around with cows The world her mother knew is gone I like Emmy s cheerfulness and her drive though like Lucy her conversation leaves a lot to be desired for a city slicker like me Her sister Clarissa however is a spoiled brat She behaves very badly in this novel and when she s called on it she acts like a toddler Emmy is a much better person Lady Emily is still scatterbrained but such a dear She does have mild dementia and she seems a bit young by modern standards to be that way I was surprised she wasn t older I pictured a woman in her 80s at least Miss Merriman takes good care of Lady Emily s needs in her uiet efficient way Here the door to her heart is cracked a bit open so we can learn about what makes her tick The Deans are a lively fun family My favorite is Susan because she s a librarian She s intelligent and capable Jessica doesn t appeal to me I hated her couettish ways and her changing her personality to suit older men as a character study Her friend Aubrey is even worse but he isn t in the story much Mrs Dean like Mrs Brandon is very vague I didn t care for her much Unlike Mrs Brandon she isn t very intelligent and takes for granted her affect on men Heather and Dad make some brief appearances here We learn about Sam s family and background and even get to see his house Heather has matured to a certain point but she serves as a deus ex machina plot mover and I didn t like that I m going to read some reviews to see if I want to continue the series