EBOOK / PDF [Der Schweizerische Robinson]

  • Hardcover
  • 345
  • Der Schweizerische Robinson
  • Johann David Wyss
  • English
  • 07 January 2020
  • 9781402726026

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Free read Der Schweizerische Robinson Johann David Wyss Ê 2 Read & download Download Ô Der Schweizerische Robinson Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free The Robinsons leave their home in Switzerland planning to settle half a world away But things do not turn out as they had expected The sole survivors of a terrible shipwreck they wash ashore to l. they kill or enslave everything in sight whether they need it or not they pray before they do anything i m pretty sure the matriarch of the family was never actually named but merely called the mother or my wife any time she was relevant which was not very often near the end of the book the family actually shoots a cachalot they don t use it for anything but instead axe the head open and take away buckets of spermaceti a whole fucking sperm whale had to die just because they saw it killed it and as an afterthought figured they could use the head innards presumably for candle making fucking book it was overly moralizing and offensive in so many bits yet i found myself bringing it up in conversation with people frustrating but i suppose uite memorable i had the same problem with white fang and the call of the wild actually also how lucky were they at every regular meal they were eating better than i am able to and knew every last thing about where they were stranded except for exactly where they were makes sense speaking of where they were where were they i thought that maybe they were somewhere like new zealand when they started shooting penguins but that didn t make sense and the closest i ve come to figuring it out has been that they were probably in an archipelago off portugal but i don t know maybe they were in a different dimension where people talk about providence all the time and suck majorly except for the gay one he was all right

Free read Der Schweizerische RobinsonDer Schweizerische Robinson

Free read Der Schweizerische Robinson Johann David Wyss Ê 2 Read & download Download Ô Der Schweizerische Robinson Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free E This Townsend Library classic has been carefully edited to be accessible to today's students It includes a brief author's biography and an afterword that provides important context about the wo. SPOILER ALERT I ve read it now and it does not measure up to the Disney movie It was so ridiculous The boys shoot every animal they see which range from inhabitants of the African savannah Australia and the American northwest yes hippos rhinos lions tigers kangaroos bears elephants the duck billed platypus you name it they re on the island The father knows absolutely everything about every plant and animal and sums up every situation correctly before it happens He recognizes plants like flax and wax bushes For a deserted island it s interesting that there is absolutely everything that they could possibly need and that the father who has never lived in the West Indies recognizes it all at a glance Oh also their European trees that happened to be on the ship grow just fine in the blazing tropical sun There is no conflict because the father knows his way out of any trouble and the only story is we went here shot this animal made this hut etc The characters all speak the same even the little boy talks just like his dad and uses the same adult phrases and big words The last chapter was the most interesting I could see a young boy who doesn t mind old fashioned language who s into hunting and survival liking this book but that s about it so I ll keep it just in case Ethan falls into that category There is no hot girl for the boys to fight over either I read at the end that the author thought of the story to give his sons survival ideas and I don t think that s so bad but if you re going to set a novel in the West Indies and you know so much about flora and fauna you could try to make the flora and fauna of the island authentic There I m done venting and very glad to be done with the book

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Free read Der Schweizerische Robinson Johann David Wyss Ê 2 Read & download Download Ô Der Schweizerische Robinson Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Earn that the danger has only begun Their new world will test their courage cleverness endurance and faith as they struggle to survive and create a civilization of their own in the wilderness Not. I have great memories of Dad reading this to us as kids it was so hoplessly archaic and ridiculous that his rendition uickly became sarcastic We all ended up in fits of laughter each time they found ANOTHER useful thing washed up on the beachgrowing on the magic island andor shot ANOTHER hapless animalpersonmoving object that crossed their path