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  • 11 May 2020
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Download ´ The Family Tree Problem Solver ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Marsha Hoffman Rising º 9 review Erienced researchers Learn what NOT to do in research to avoid hitting brick walls in the future The result is the best and most accessible book on the market about overcoming obstacles from Family Tree magazine and Family Tree Books the sources of genealogy's most popular publications. I ve been working on my own family tree for about 12 years now I wouldn t consider myself an expert but I feel like I ve gleaned a lot of knowledge through my research or are they searches over the years I wasn t sure what to expect from this title Would I know it all Unlikely Would I learn something useful I hoped soThe first thing I really liked about this title is that it inspired me to follow up on some of my sketchier research and double check to ensure I was even tracing the same family lines The second thing I felt challenged to take on was getting everything ORGANIZED As a librarian and archivist you would think my own records would be fantastic but they are stored in boxes with very little organization This book is easy to read and everything is uickly defined for both the new researcher and the armchair expert I loved the layout that the text sometimes lengthy on individual topics was broken up with graphs images and bold text It made the book very approachable and easy to consume I ll be recommending this title to my friends who are doing their own research and need a little help with those elusive family members Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy these are my own thoughts and opinions

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The Family Tree Problem Solver

Download ´ The Family Tree Problem Solver ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Marsha Hoffman Rising º 9 review Earcher's common problem into a chapter with straightforward solutions Readers will Go straight to the answers they need without wading through theory or irrelevant records overviews Find explanations and case studies easily understood by beginning genealogists yet still useful for exp. I ve been perusing this book for a few days now and have had ample time to think about I believe it offers uite a bit of good advice for maybe tracking down some ancestors who have no info or only a name I ve been told it is notoriously difficult tracking down women in the family as their names are seldom mentioned in documents and for earliest documents I ve found that to be true BUT there may be hope i finding them yet This book has lots of suggestions and I love the fact that so much info is now available online to search Its a good startI received a Kindle ARC from Netgalley in exchange for a fair review

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Download ´ The Family Tree Problem Solver ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Marsha Hoffman Rising º 9 review Complications arising from incomplete or missing records census irregularities and individuals of the same name occur often than non genealogists might think Respected genealogist and author Marsha Hoffman Rising helps beginners break through these brick walls by breaking down each res. This is the brand new 2019 Third edition of the 2005 book The Family Tree Problem Solver I had not previously read the previous editions but after I read the new version I found a copy of the Second Edition 2011 to compare it and see what s new Most of the main text is unchanged and the changes in the first eleven chapters are mostly to acknowledge the vast amount of records that have been digitized and are available online now However many records are still hiding in courthouses and archives and are not available online yet so if you are a serious genealogist knowing how to find the information you need is vital There is a new chapter written by Sunny Morton to address evaluating online hints and a chapter on DNA has been replaced by a brand new chapter on DNA by Diahan Southard to address how much has changed since 2011 on that front To be honest I found these added chapters the best part of the book for my research The main text as comprehensive as it is is limited to United States genealogy and records and mostly pre 20th century records Therefore if your family lines have only been in the US for a few generations this may not be the problem solver you had hoped for On the other hand the general search strategies are sound and it s always a good idea to review them such as how to tackle identifying people with similar names and how to analyze evidence for reliabilityIf you have many ancestors who lived in the US in the 19th century and before you ll find this an excellent resource to have on hand Others may find that checking it out from the library may tide them over until they find US ancestors in their treeTable of Contents1 Analyzing Research Problems and Planning Strategies2 Avoiding Ten Common Genealogy Mistakes3 Finding Births Marriages Deaths Before Civil Registration4 Locating Missing Ancestors in the Census5 Researching Friends Associates and Extended Family Members6 Problem Solving With Court Records7 Replacing Burned Courthouse Records8 Utilizing Land Records9 Sorting Individuals With the Same Name10 Finding Pre 1850 Ancestors11 Analyzing Evidence12 Accepting Online Family Tree Hints13 Applying DNA Test Results to Your ResearchThanks to FW Publishers and NetGalley for a digital review copy