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Stan Lee ☆ 0 FREE READ SUMMARY ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Stan Lee SUMMARY Marvel Masterworks The X Men Vol 1 Magnetism Magneto Written by Stan The Man Lee and illustrated by Jack King Kirby it's super hero adventure at its very best Collecting The X Men #1 1. In this collection of the first ten issues of X Men from 1963 Professor X and the original five X Men Cyclops Marvel Girl Beast Iceman and Angel take on Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Mastermind Toad uicksilver Scarlet Witch and the Blob meet Namor in issue 6 and the Avengers in issue 9 and travel to the Savage Land for their first meeting with Ka Zar in issue 10My prep work for Avengers Age of Ultron continues by checking out the origins of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff aka uicksilver and the Scarlet Witch who will be featured in the upcoming movie Here they re reluctant villains following the ruthless Magneto who once saved Wanda s life Pietro won t leave her so the two of them are part of the Brotherhood though their consciences bother them They both leave Magneto in issue 11Of course this is also the origin of the X Men which is uniue in that they are a fully formed team at the outset as opposed to a group like the Avengers that s made up of heroes who have already had runs of their own The X Men aren t truly given an origin as such other than attending Professor X s secret school for gifted youngsters together from which they graduate in issue 7 though they are introduced to the public for the first time in issue 1 as a team of pro human mutants A notable volume introducing many popular characters that are still around today and also the mutant population of the Marvel universe as a whole though it does still contain a large amount of early 60 s Silver Age cheese

SUMMARY Marvel Masterworks The X Men Vol 1Marvel Masterworks The X Men Vol 1

Stan Lee ☆ 0 FREE READ SUMMARY ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Stan Lee SUMMARY Marvel Masterworks The X Men Vol 1 T Iceman and Marvel Girl Professor X's teen team with a mission of peace and brotherhood for man and mutant in their first battle with the Master of. This is where it all began The X Men The Brotherhood of Mutants Asteroid M everything Stan Lee and Jack Kirby brought something else in the world by introducing the X Men which not only provided entertainment but also put different political issues in a certain way that had never been dealt before in mainstream comic books The book brought a group of mutant teenagers in the world that changed the way people perceive comic books The characters in the book are very uniue each with their different power set and personalities The art gets better with every issue and the designs though dated are still something to be admired Despite of everything mentioned till now the book also has some major issues for example the dialogues are dated and the way every character has to explain everything by speaking felt very absurd to me There are decisions made in the story that are downright uestionable and ridiculous But overall it is an entertaining comic book and one cannot help but accept the fact that this book holds a great significance in comic book history

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Stan Lee ☆ 0 FREE READ SUMMARY ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Stan Lee SUMMARY Marvel Masterworks The X Men Vol 1 Feast your eyes on the foundation of one of comic's most famous franchises It's all here from the very beginning with the debut of Cyclops Angel Beas. Five youths gifted with an extra power that set them apart from ordinary homo sapiens and charged to protect a world that feared and hated them because of their genetic gifts They were the first class of X MenStan Lee and Jack Kirby were trying to create an entirely different comics formula in The X Men to distinguish them from the other team book that debuted in the same year The Avengers In the Silver Age of Marvel Comics the duo of Lee and Kirby were responsible for earlier hits like the Fantastic Four and Spider Man and they were still experimenting with potential story ideas for another blockbuster to add to their nascent comic book lineThe first ten issues have everything Lee and Kirby could sueeze into twenty pages and though some of those were rehashed concepts like carnival freaks diabolical villains a spy plot and a jungle man some of those ideas became part of the X Men mythos that future writers would reuse like Magneto mutant gang warfare with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants an Avengers crossover and a prehistoric adventure in the Savage Land The duo tried out concepts fit for the nuclear age The origin of the X Men s leader was an example of exploiting interest in nuclear power by making a son of nuclear scientists whose exposure to atomic energy contributed to their son s mutationThis title was an antithesis of The Avengers all American heroes adored by their public with the X Men in contrast as outcasts The Avengers were lead by the golden haired thunder god Thor whereas Professor X was a uadriplegic whose disability hid a powerful mind The Avengers were powerful individually and could overwhelm their foes with raw strength but the X Men performed better as a team their reflexes and teamwork honed by simulated battles and deathtraps in their Danger RoomThe page size of this collection is larger than the modern trade paper backs the better to fit the larger pages of a Silver Age comic My bargain copy has an obviously creased cover but still durable to stand than few rereads Like my earlier review my earlier review on the Silver Age Fantastic Four these are classic stories that are worth your while to read and reread