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characters The Daisy Club characters The Daisy Club 100 Charlotte Bingham å 0 characters D Lorna who live nearby Daisy always looking to escape the gloom of the Hall has known them since the three girls were all sent for a smattering of education to the Court where Freddie’s Aunt Jessie purported to run a smal. Charlotte Bingham s books always look so good but I just can t get past the first couple of chapters I seem to have a mental block with this authorBack Cover BlurbTwistleton is a village untouched by time taking its rhythms from the countryside around Daisy Jean Freddie and their friends Aurelia and Laura are devoted to the place so that when war breaks out Twistleton becomes the embodiment of everything for which they are fighting For the previous generation the new conflict causes private despair increased when Twistleton is reuisitioned by the Army Turfed out of their houses the villagers take refuge at Twistleton HallIt is here that evacuees from the East End butler and countryman weld together to fight common enemies whether drunken troops in the village the bombs from the air or rationing and the bitter weather They all know only victory will do With death haunting their every moment love is their one all too fleeting consolation and also their final triumph

characters The Daisy Club

The Daisy Club

characters The Daisy Club characters The Daisy Club 100 Charlotte Bingham å 0 characters Daisy lives at Twistleton Hall along with her unmarried Aunt Augusta and the spirits of her four dead uncles from World War One Her life therefore has been overshadowed by the Great War as has those of her friends Freddie an. Am really having trouble getting into this I think the sentences are too long and I lose the meaning before I get to the end of them There seem to be too many characters too unclearly definedDon t know whether it was me but I really struggled with this one As well as 4 young women and 2 older ones there were two properties the Court and the Hall and I was never sure where I was It felt like the work of an frail and elderly author who should have been edited though the picture looked young enough but as I say it might be me I haven t read any of this author s work before and if I remember her name it may stay that way Normally I would like stories about people in the war and it has left some visual impressions on me but I found it so hard to engage with the characters

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characters The Daisy Club characters The Daisy Club 100 Charlotte Bingham å 0 characters L private school Now it is 1938 invasion is expected but the bit of their country that turns out to be most in need of defending is their own beloved Twisteleton but not as it happens from the Nazis From the Hardcover editio. Reading the back cover of this book sounds fantastic but it happened again i was let down by this authors story It s weak and expected When there are so many characters it s easy to not feel as connected