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The Road from Orion

The Road from Orion characters ¶ 107 King into a uniue species Believing she could perform the same genetic experiment on a living human being Lucia enlists the talents of two undergraduate students If they can prove that the hidden Egyptian wisdom is threaded through the works culture has cherished as great art then Lucia's thesis will have support from History's greatest minds Her biotechnolo.

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The Road from Orion characters ¶ 107 A surreal story based on historical facts great works of art and a real study called The Isis Thesis The story begins in 1983 when Dr Lucia Farrell a university professor conducts a biotechnology experiment that will support her thesis on the hidden meaning of ancient Egyptian signs Her research decodes the chemical path used by the Pharaohs to clone the Dead.

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The Road from Orion characters ¶ 107 Gy experiment will provide the practical evidence that is if the students survive the cloning Curious about the effects of mind expanding drugs the students agree to ingest an alchemical white powder secreted from the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid uesting to discover the Pharaohs' lost knowledge they also experience the primal meaning of the work of art.

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