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  • Hardcover
  • 256
  • The Eerie Silence
  • Paul Davies
  • English
  • 04 November 2020
  • 9781846141423

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characters The Eerie Silence 107 His book refocuses the search challenging existing ideas of what forms alien intelligence might take how it might try to communicate how we ought respond if it doesList of IllustrationsPrefaceIs anybody out there Life freak side show or cosmic imperative Shadow biosphere How much intelligence is out thereNew SETI widening the search Evidence for a galactic diasporaAlien magic Post biological intelligence First contact Who speaks for Earth Appendix Brief history of SETIBibliographyNotesInd. The organization SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence was funded by the US government for a short while It was soon decided that the money could be used for better things SETI continues to operate with private funding The author Paul Davies heads a special committee at SETI Davies argues that the search is too narrow SETI has been searching with radio telescopes for over 50 years without a bite Using radio telescopes to listen for ET s is like using only a twitter account to check for messaging from everyone on Earth Not everyone tweets My words not Davies Davies presents alternative methods of communication and I found it fascinatingDavies doubts that Earthlings would panic if we heard a general message that said Hello we re here but if we got a specific message just for us Hello Earth how are you Please respond there might be trouble Should we answer I adore speculations like this Davies writes that as of now there is zero scientific evidence that ETI exists How disa

characters The Eerie SilenceThe Eerie Silence

characters The Eerie Silence 107 Are we alone in the cosmos This is one of the big uestions yet it remains unanswered This book explains why the search for intelligent life beyond Earth ought be expanded how it can be done 50 years ago astronomer Frank Drake 1st pointed a radio telescope at nearby stars hoping for a signal from an alien civilization Thus began one of the boldest scientific projects the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence After a half century of scanning astronomers have little to report but an eerie. This was a good book on how and why we need to think out of the box while keeping the search ongoing for ETs Extra Terrestrials Paul Davies does a good job of mentioning the various ways in which we can do this or what to look out for where do we as intelligent beings need to think anew and stay away from anthropomorphism and our mindsets based upon the past and present dogmasA pretty delightful read for people who always have uestions and thoughts regarding the possibilities of intelligent life forms away from our planetHaving to read this alongside Jim Marss Alien Agenda Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us was kind of interesting

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characters The Eerie Silence 107 Silence eerie because many believe the cosmos teems with life Could it be wonders physicist astrobiologist Davies that we're looking in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong way Davies has been closely involved with SETI for three decades chairs the SETI Post Detection Taskgroup charged with deciding what to do if we're confronted with evidence of alien intelligence He believes the search has fallen into an anthropocentric trap assuming alien species will look think behave like us. There are but very few instances where you pick a gem that many mistook for just a dusty rock How could this book be so unpopular Maybe thats the most compelling evidence for the eerie silence The intellectual orgasm was uite similar to that from the movie Interstellar Its like a thousand classic science fictions distilled to just over 200 pages The shadow biosphere the great filter neutrino beacons nanoprobes Oh baby it s Christmas And it reaches its pinnacle when Paul convinces you almost certainly why biological intelligence is to uantum processers as apes are to humans The stepping stone in evolution Phew And to end it all consider three choices to reason the eerie silence Either we as earthlings are really special to hold life Or really really special to hold intelligent life Or are just the next iteration in an often repeating cosmic cycle of self destructing intelligenceBy reading popular reviews you may feel that this book mainly discuss Fermi paradox and the impact of alien