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Download The Last Bachelor 107 Ll too eager to put a stop to the widow's schemes THE LAST BACHELOR When the pair meet in the halls of Parliament the sparks fly and a wager is made If Remington will subject himself to two weeks of women's work Antonia will put in two weeks of men's work And then they will see who has the harder lot in life The battle is on And the stakes are nothing less than their heart. Every now and again I feel a bit nostalgic and reach for a historical romance This one sounded uniuely entertaining The wager made by the match making widow and the marriage opposed bachelor hinted at the possibility of humorous situations gone awry as well as plenty of opportunity for lust to turn to love I was not disappointed The nobleman being coerced into a corset and an apron was uite funny What I did not expect was the widow s many companions I expected young women but found Antonia s roommates were instead elderly ladies whose husbands had left them in rather dire straights upon their deaths This cast of characters added a certain sentimental sweetness to help counter the headstrong tendencies of their gracious hostess and the man she had challenged to endure a couple weeks worth of women s work The challenge would have been enough by itself to get our heroine and hero in the same space where physical attraction would have overcome propriety However society loves a great scandal and the spectacle of a nobleman in a corset and apron cannot be ignored Soon the wager becomes a public affair that even the ueen could not completely avoid and royal scrutiny bears its own costs Entertaining and well thought out as this was I must admit I found myself struggling to stay engaged I blame this not on the book but on how much my reading tastes have evolved over the years It gets harder and harder to lose myself in historical romances

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Download The Last Bachelor 107 Rkly handsome Remington Carr ninth Earl of Landon was as controversial for his radical views on women's rights as he was for his decadent way of life If the rakish earl had his way all women would work for a living and marriage would be abolished He was the ultimate London bachelor and the answer to the prayers of a select group of gentlemen Antonia's matrimonial victims a. The ultimate Victorian romance warm funny exuberant And the love scenes are plush luxurious and oh so discreetly sensual

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Download The Last Bachelor 107 SHE CREATED A STIR Some found her ingenious others diabolical But no one could argue with the success of Lady Antonia Paxton's techniue For the beautiful young widow had made a career out of helping destitute women marry well by trapping London's richest young bachelors in compromising positions with her willing ladies then forcing them to marry HE CREATED A SCANDAL The da. Victorian Romance At Its BestBetina Krahn is a favorite author of mine with her detailed well crafted stories And this is one of my favorite Victorian romances Set in London in 1882 a beautiful young widow Lady Antonia Paxton occupies her time by saving widows and trapping gentlemen into marrying them by using their own perfidy against them When a bachelor seeks to take a young widow s virtue albeit a woman he s ostensibly been courting Antonia follows them and interrupting forces the man to do the gentlemanly thing and marry the girl With 13 marriages to her credit the men of White s club in London become concerned They decide they must see The Dragon Lady of Matrimonia brought down and what better man to do it than Remington Carr Lord Landon A confirmed bachelor handsome as the devil who advocates the vote for women and sending surplus women off to work to earn their keep he is definitely against marriage Antonia on the other hand believes marriage is a noble state and the salvation of many a widow Antonia offers Remington a wagertwo weeks of women s work to change his mind about a woman s place And if his mind isn t changed she will do two weeks of a man s work He accepts the wager thinking to seduce her but Antonia has her own plansKrahn had me laughing out loud when Remington put on a corset after all how could he do work as a woman does without having to bear the restrictive garment You will be amazed at the history contained in this seemingly light romance It isn t really light at all It s a meaningful tale of what widows suffered in Victorian times when they were raised to be wives and mothers but were left bereft with no way to earn income Remington is an intelligent rake you will come to love and Antonia is a woman we would all want to knowa woman with a kind heart and a good mind who crafts devious plans to prove the damn men wrong Even ueen Victoria supports her Remington and Antonia are well matched and in an ironic twist will end up advocating each other s positions The story is detailed historically accurate and charming I highly recommend it