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  • Hardcover
  • 122
  • But I Like It
  • Joe Sacco
  • English
  • 27 December 2020
  • 9781560977292

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CHARACTERS ↠ But I Like It Original sketches and notes and a bound in CD featuring songs from the Miracle Workers' live shows of the timeincluding a blasting version of the Iggy Pop classic I Got a RightAs for the rest of the book In a series of hilarious and sharply observed vignettes Sacco turns his pitiless pen on all strata of Rock 'n' Roll from old rockers The Stones and Me a diehard fan's lament and its seuel Suffering for the Stones to new the abovementioned Miracle Workers; from salacious gossip Who's Sleeping With Who to how to Woodstock in your Own Home from portraits of typical rock creatures Record Producer The Musician Who Wanted to Save the World The Rock Journalist to self deprecating autobiograph. I love Joe Sacco s work but this is of a compilation of tidbits some of which are very immature and none of which are terribly interesting in and of themselves I appreciated the parts about Fat Possum records from my Mississippi days but this is non essential even for Sacco fans

CHARACTERS But I Like ItBut I Like It

CHARACTERS ↠ But I Like It Ical stories Why I Let my Hair Grow and So You Want to Meet a Rock 'n' Roll Star None of these have been collected before and several done for German magazines and papers while Sacco was living in Berlin have actually never been published at all in English and are being translated for this editionThe book is rounded off with some recent serious works such as The Rude Blues a full color strip about Mississippi bluesmen done for Details magazine in 1999 and a piece about Lightnin' Hopkins done in 2005 for the Oxford Americanas well as a treasure trove of rock posters record and CD covers T shirt designs and other assorted rubbish from Sacco's European years all wryly annotated by the auth. A real difference from his other work on Palestine Bosnia and Chechnya and definitely not as engaging There are still some interesting moments especially the later comics drawn for a Swiss magazine strange since he almost disavows them in the introduction to the section The comics while on tour with The Miracle Workers did nothing for me maybe because I really wasn t ever too heavily into the music scene any music scene at all They were overly furious and other than leaving the impression that being on tour is frenetic I got nothing from them

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CHARACTERS ↠ But I Like It It's Safe Area Gorazde meets This isSpinal Tap as cartoon journalist Joe Sacco takes on Rock 'n' RollThe Gaza strip No problem Deepest Serbia A cakewalk Those were easy But now the time has come to follow award winning cartoon journalist Joe Sacco on one of the most dangerous beats and we mean beats literally of all namely the world of rock 'n' rollThe centerpiece of the book is In the Company of Long Hair the early '90s graphic novelette Sacco created on the subject of his raucous European tour with the punk band the Miracle Workers Although already published in other Sacco collections Long Hair appears here for the first time in an expanded version with an added 15 page section of his. Collection of the works which evidence Joe s alterna cred The ones with story than experimentation were my favorites but not being part of this scene meant none of it got my blood going I actually skipped most of the prose extra materials which is unusual for me