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  • 16 March 2020
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Figgs Phantoms Characters ✓ 0 Review Figgs Phantoms His way to Capri the Figg family heaven And that means leaving Mona behind Can Mona find Capri before it's too late or will she learn that things are seldom what they seem when books are involv. I was interested in reading of Raskin s books after reading The Westing Game and after reading reviews of other books my boys and I have been reading where people made comparisons to Raskin I loved the first half super uirky weird characters the main character s name is Mona Lisa Figg Newton You gotta love that She comes from a crazy family of Vaudeville performers every one with their own crazy names uirks and place in the community There are all sorts of mysteries about all of them you can t wait to find out the why s behind them But for the most part you never doThe second half though into a child s dealing wtih death It goes from uirky weird to just weird Or a 70 s acid trip It just went downhill for me

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Figgs Phantoms

Figgs Phantoms Characters ✓ 0 Review Figgs Phantoms L the attention her eccentric relatives bring to her in town there is one Figg family member she likes her Uncle Florence the book dealer But Uncle Florence keeps hinting that he's going to find. This book was originally reviewed on my blog Books from Bleh to Basically AmazingFiggs and Phantoms by Ellen Raskin won the Nebery Honor in 1975 Four years later she won the Newbery Award for The Westing Game I read The Westing Game several years ago and I really enjoyed it It was wonderfully complex and the characters were simply delightful More on that later So I was actually uite excited to read Figgs and PhantomsAlas Figgs just didn t work for me It was uite the disappointment I started this book not really knowing what to expect about the story itself but looking forward to it because I had so enjoyed The Westing Game SighFiggs and Phantoms is about a family The Figgs who are all wildy uirky except the youngest daughterniece Mona She is decidedly normal hates her family s weirdness and is terribly embarrassed by what she believes the people of her town Pineapple say about all those crazy FiggsI thought that Raskin was trying too hard with this novel and as a result she missed the mark just about everywhere Every single character has something weird wacky crazy or unbelievable about them All of them except Mona She s just bitter about life and everything in it Rather than make her uirky I d say she s just a teenager It got to be a little bit too much for me Her mom Sister Figg Newton Newton being her married name tap dances All the time Everywhere Her uncle Truman the human pretzel and sign maker but horrible speller And the list goes on and on and on There was too much for me to believe it Sometimes I d look at the book and want to shout at the author Enough already I get it They are weird Can we move on please Or something like that anywayThe majority of the book focuses on Mona and her angst I think it s supposed to be about her struggle to find her place in life and accept her family as they are but it always just felt like angst to me and not the good realistic kind Just the really annoying get over yourself already type Raskin makes hints about what she is supposed to be learning and she gives us subtle clues here and there but by that point I was so fed up with Mona s whining and general annoying ness that I didn t care I just wanted the book to end The only person Mona feels close to is her Uncle Florence Everyone else is ridiculous embarrassing and needs to just stop so that Mona can stop feeling embarrassed to go out in public But Uncle Florence is sick and getting sickerThe Figgs believe that when you die you go to a place they call Capri It s been written about in a journal passed down the family The family meets together periodically for a night of reading from the family journals about Capri a ritual they call Caprification Mona or course barely participates but when her uncle Florence dies not really a spoiler because it gives strong and obvious hints on the back cover Mona knows she must find Capri so she can either bring her uncle back or live with him in Capri Even weirdness ensuesNothing in this book was very believable to me I had a hard time believing that much of what happened and in the order or way they happened would be possible Very often we were taken from point A to point F and just expected to believe that this was the natural progression of events never mind the fact that we missed points B E in the processOn a positive note I did enjoy several of the characters and their uirks especially in the beginning The secondary characters are often delightfully fun and I actually really enjoyed their time on the page Truman s misspellings were fun even one sign where he misspells his own name and I especially liked the idea of Romulus and Remus Figg the Walking Book of Knowledge and the Talking Adding Machine respectively I did wish the secondary characters had been a part of the novel and had been fleshed out I don t think I would have been as annoyed by the amount of uirks these characters had it they had also had personality But no They were written as if their uniue trait was all there was too them It was how they were defined described and we didn t get to see any than that I do recognize that much of this is probably because that is how Mona sees them but knowing why doesn t make it any less annoyingAll in all I d probably say this is one to skip I don t know that I would really recommend it to very many people I read it because I enjoyed The Westing Game and because as you should know I m trying to read the Newbery list But it s one I feel I could probably have done with out There wasn t anything really special about it The rating came really easy too I finished the book looked at it a moment and then said Meh

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Figgs Phantoms Characters ✓ 0 Review Figgs Phantoms From the Newbery Award winning author of THE WESTING GAME clever riddles and wordplay clues to be found and mysteries to be solvedA Newbery Honor bookThe Amazing Dancing FiggsWhile Mona hates al. Maybe when the Newbery club gets around to the year this was honored and I reread it I ll appreciate it better Now I see a dark surreal artsy fable I admire it but I really don t like it But I feel I should even could in the right frame of mind with the right discussion matesThe original cover is brilliant A BW faceless tween girl holding a pink and orange miniature desert island complete with palm tree and Uncle Flo The other covers that I see here are nonsense and to be avoided cover them while reading if you do read from them