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  • Book of Isms
  • John Andrews
  • English
  • 22 September 2020
  • 9781846682988

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characters ↠ Book of Isms Nism Obscurantism Onanism Orphism Ostracism Paganism Phallocentrism Poststructuralism uakerism uietism uixotism Racism Reaganism Reductionism Romanticism Sacerdotalism Sadism Sapphism Solipsism Stoicism Sufism Tantrism Taoism Thatcherism Transvestism Trotskyism Ultramontanism Unilateralism Utilitarianism Utopianism Valetudinarianism Vorticism Voyeurism Wahhabism Zeism Zionism Zoomorphi. The Economist a world renowned news magazine has assembled a helpful little book for us as a uick reference guide It

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characters ↠ Book of Isms Isms help to inform us educate us and sometimes even amuse us What would life be like without altrusim or cynicism dogmatism or optimism Below are just some of the isms explained in this collection of than 400Absolutism Albigensianism Aphorism Atavism Behaviouralism Bolshevism Buddhism Butskellism Calvinism Capitalism Communism Confucianism Dadaism Deontologism Dystopianism Eclecticism. Only if you enjoy a monotonous reading of a thesaurus Ghosts you enjoy a monotonous reading of a thesaurus

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characters ↠ Book of Isms Empiricism Euphemism Existentialism Fascism Fauvism Fourierism Frotteurism Gaullism Geophagism Globalism Gnosticism Hedonism Hermeticism Hypopituitarism Idealism Ignosticism Irredentism Isomorphism Jansenism Jingoism Journalism Judaism Kabbalism Keynesianism Know nothingism Lacanianism Leninism Lollardism Malthusianism Manichaeism Maoism Marxism Masochism Narcissism Neologism Nestoria. Light fun useful compendium of you know