EBOOK Operation Gadgetman

  • Paperback
  • 240
  • Operation Gadgetman
  • Malorie Blackman
  • English
  • 22 June 2020
  • 9780440863076

Malorie Blackman ½ 7 characters

characters Operation Gadgetman 107 Malorie Blackman ½ 7 characters Summary Operation Gadgetman Ly invents a device that could be used to steal millions of pounds the wrong people find out and Gadgetman is kidnappedWith the help of her friends and her special Gadg. It s fine I just don t like it very much

Summary Operation GadgetmanOperation Gadgetman

characters Operation Gadgetman 107 Malorie Blackman ½ 7 characters Summary Operation Gadgetman Beans calls her dad 'Gadgetman' because of the weird and wonderful gadgets he comes up with everything from exploding biscuits to Spy Kits But when Gadgetman accidental. Operation Gadgetman is the story of Bean aka Beatrice and her unconventional inventor Dad otherwise known as Gadgetman Gadgetman is an unconventional father who isn t worried about the usual parent things such as a well stocked fridge or clean house instead he spends his days inventing madcap things such as animal crunchies biscuits which cook as you throw them through the air Bean returns from school with her best friends Louisa and Ann to find that her father has disappeared and left her a very cryptic note full of grammatical errors The girls are puzzled and not sure what has happened to Bean s father until Bean uses the spy kit her father has given all three girls before school and realises the note has a secret message in it The note tells them that Gadgetman has been kidnapped As the girls are about to go to the police station a Detective Warner appears at the front door and asks Bean a lot of uestions Bean doesn t think that the Detective is doing a good job and starts to look for evidence such as finger prints around her house Detective Warner makes the girls suspicious by asking a lot of uestions about one of the Gadgetman s inventions the induction oscillatorWe find out that Bean s father had used the induction oscillator machine at his building society and money had literally fallen from the cash machine Bean decides to visit the building society as they had written to them to tell them of the error Whilst there she recognises Lucas who works there but who she realises has previously seen spying on her whilst she came back from school The girls use detective work to find out that Lucas and Detective Warner are in fact partners in crime They follow Lucas car back to the house where they are holding her father The kidnappers want to use the induction oscillator to con money out of building societies around the country Bean s father won t tell them how it works so they centre their efforts on Bean and her knowledge The story culminates with the girls laying traps for Lucas and Warner which create such a din that their neighbour comes round and the girls shout for help Bean s father is rescued and returns home The book is aimed at 7 8 years old I thought it was a very accessible book enough mystery and excitement without being too over whelming Bean is an appealing character slightly irreverent independent and cheeky which would appeal to most children The book could be read during independent reading or together as a class Children could create their own kidnapping letters or think of a secret code or language which they could then explain to others in the class

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characters Operation Gadgetman 107 Malorie Blackman ½ 7 characters Summary Operation Gadgetman Etman Spy Kit Beans is determined to track down the kidnappers and rescue her dad But can she find Gadgetman before he is forced to hand over the details of his inventi. This jaw dropping book is all about Beatrice and her dad who got kidnapped in his workroom The reason he was kidnapped was because of his newest invention the induction oscillator The job of the gadget is to take money from banks At the end Beatrice manages to rescue her dad and get justice out of the two kidnappers