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Free download THE DRAGONIANS WITCH (The First Witch Book 1)

characters THE DRAGONIANS WITCH (The First Witch Book 1) ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB What is the reading order for your books All the series that are in the connect universe can be read as a standalone series However since many readers asked me about the reading order heres my suggestion The First Witch seriesdp BLPSJD The Empress of Mysth seriesdp BVVTVSS Claim the Wolf Kingdp BYBWK The Wickedest Witch seriesdp BNMLDCP The Cursed Dragon ueen and Her Mates Coming soonI surveyed the surroundings If I escaped into the woods Lucas would find me The shifters nose had to be as good as my wolves That was why Ares had brought him along I wondered what his animal was Judging from his size he could be a white lion or a bear If I escaped to the plains the guardians would spot me They werent in league with me yet If Ares caught me running away he would chain me for the rest of the tripWhy are we stopping here Ares the horned Dragonian askedFreyja needs a bath Ares said with irritationThe wolf girl the horned one askedAnd you let her have her way We need to be on our way Weve wasted enough time just tracking herAres snarled Ill decide what we need or dont needThe others gathered around in the clearingsitting on the rocks Some of them took off their boots with satisfied groans That was exactly what Id planned for them to do to get in the water with me Over four months on the road rushing from one place to another to look for me they had to be desperate for the feel of a warm woman When they saw me naked their needs would be raging And when they came for me theyd get what they deservedI would soon be reunited with my packI removed my gloves kicked off my boots and dropped my cloak I breathed in the fresh damp air The lake smelled different from the hot spring in my forest but its earthy scent blending with the sweet honeysuckle was eually pleasantWhat would come next might not be as pleasant but I had to gain back my freedomWithin seconds I was clad in only my undergarments My skin prickled with exhilaration as it met the clean airAres cleared his throat to remind me of my modesty If he was so concerned about my decency why wasnt he turning around as well His men stoppe.

Summary ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Meg Xuemei XTHE DRAGONIANS WITCH (The First Witch Book 1)

characters THE DRAGONIANS WITCH (The First Witch Book 1) ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB S going to govern the rules I amhe said Then he yelled at the men Go patrol the perimeter and dont look this wayThe men picked up their weapons and slowly scatteredAre you sending them away so you can get into the lake with me alone I askedNo Im not getting in the lake with you he said But Ill watch you If you think youre clever enough to pull this stunt and slip away think twice So far Ive been courteous But if you keep causing trouble youll force my hand Then Ill have to get rough with you and tie you up and drag you behind me I dont care that Ventus has taken a liking to you Just remember his fealty is always to meI pulled my panties off and tossed it on top of the pile of my clothes Dark fire leapt in his eyes and his gaze drifted down toward the valley between my thighs He wanted me He wanted me badly He looked like he was ready to stalk toward meDid I really want him to die My body tensed at the thoughtAres inhaled sharply his knuckles turning white on his sides but he didnt move toward meEarth I said walking toward the lake All this drama over a bathBy undressing yourself like that in front of my men he spat you put yourself in danger and them in a tough spot If any of them loses control and touches you I would have to punish them severelyWhat about you I asked over my shoulder my bare feet hitting the cool waterI have enough self control he snarledRight Ive learned it the hardway I said intentionally dipping my gaze down at the bulge at his groin covered by his sculpted armorHis eyes glittered with amber fireYoure now my responsibility Freyja he said I have to guarantee that youre well treated and unharmed until the day youre allowed to go your wayIm so touched I saidObviously he didnt like my tone since he was probably expecting my gratitude His next words were full of acid You have no problem getting completely naked but flustered at my hard on he asked Why is that You go figure it out I brushed him off knowing that would irk himWhen I sent him one last glance filled with disdain I caught such ravenous hunger in his eyes that the heat pooled within my belly again.

Meg Xuemei X ´ 7 characters

characters THE DRAGONIANS WITCH (The First Witch Book 1) ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB D what they were doing and stared at meI slowly pulled the last of my garments over my head and lazily stretched my limbs My bountiful breasts and perky red nipples were generous for every eye to see and appreciateAs I twisted my torso for another long stretch and bent down I saw the mens jaws drop in shock Yet none of them moved their heated gaze from meI straightened and turned away from them my fingers on the top lines of my panties ready to pull it off my longtoned legsFreyja Ares shoutedI wheeled toward him What I asked innocentlyTurn around he roared at his menDont fucking look at her if you want your fucking eyes stay in their sockets Of course they wanted their eyes staying in their sockets The men obeyed though slowlyWonderful Ares the prude had just sabotaged my perfect planBut he wasnt that prudent since he himself hadnt turned around His gaze heated dark and furious locked with mine I tilted my head in challenge Whats the harm in having a look Youre looking His gaze dipped lower to my breaststhen lower Id pulled my panties half an inch down When he tore his eyes from my body and stayed on my face by sheer will a sudden fire of possessiveness leapt in them turning his irises deeply molten goldStop what youre doing he said his voice hoarse as if he hadnt spoken for a whileWhy I askedShouldnt you cover yourself He seemed incredulous at my innocent uestionBut Im going to have a bath I saidWho bathes with their clothes on There are men around he said You cant go traipsing around naked in the wildernessWhy do you think I even consider any of them or you I asked a man Havent you seen a naked woman before Im sure your men need to wash themselves too Their smell yours included nearly choked me half to death from a mile awayActually he smelled really goodI heard someone chuckle Ares growled nastily and the chuckles died off immediatelyIts a big lake I said with a small shrug Theres plenty of room for all of usLike hell Ill let them share the lake with you naked he said Therere social rulesBut you just said were in the wilderness I said putting confusion into my voice Who.

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  • THE DRAGONIANS WITCH (The First Witch Book 1)
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  • 15 July 2018
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